Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric is a 2017 documentary film about gender identity, produced by Katie Couric, National Geographic, and World of Wonder.It originally aired on the American network National Geographic on February 6, 2017. Couric, who anchored NBC's Today and theCBS Evening Newsand now serves as Yahoo's global news anchor, approached the topic with "respectful curiosity. It was an effort to educate the public about transgender individuals, and ironically, what people didntrealize is that it was a taped show, and I could have taken that part out, said Couric. you become more of a boy by playing with trucks and engaging in sport), it turns out gender might be something determined in the womb. What Is Critical Race Theory, and Why Is It Under Attack? Preternaturally mature for 17, he told me in essence, it wasnt his job to teach the world why he is the way he is. ', 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. There are multiple reasons why Couric is the perfect person to host this documentary. Sign in to rate and Watchlist for personalized recommendations. For the younger generation, including Courics own college-age daughter, it seems accepted that gender definition is a more fluid concept. Anothertime, she misgenders a 12-year-old trans girlwhen referring to her in the past. Katie Couric is earning raves for hosting and producing " Gender Revolution ," a National Geographic documentary that examines the way gender identity shapes our lives and experiences. But the more I saw gender issues becoming increasingly front and center in the news, the more I realized there was so much I didnt understand. That gender is not as black and white, or pink and blue, as I once believed. One enjoyable aspect of the special is that the always effervescent Couric doesnt just sit down and interview her subjects one chair facing another. Students makesocial boundary maps of thedivisionsin their communitiesand discuss ways to cross them. Couric provides an answer. I used to feel that the LGBTQ community could do more to help the rest of us understand. 4.5M views, 1.1K likes, 528 loves, 325 comments, 3.1K shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Katie Couric: You can watch #GenderRevolution right here, right now for free! Gavin Grimm, the Virginia teen who just wanted to be able to use the boys bathroom at school, discusses his case thats headed to the Supreme Court. Courictakes her journalism skills on the road in Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric, a two-hour National Geographic Channel special (Monday, 9 ET/PT), meeting sex and gender experts, trans men and women and college students whose identities go beyond binary gender roles. Katie Couric sets out to explore the rapidly evolving complexities of gender identity. If you have questions about gender identity, a topic that's increasingly part of the public conversation, Katie Couric understands. Password must have upper and lower case letters. It's a lot for people to wrap their heads around.". The documentary ties into a larger effort by NatGeo, which devoted its magazine's January issue to the topic. Then youre a prime candidate to watch National Geographics Gender Revolution, a spellbinding, fascinating look at the transforming landscape of gender, hosted by TV news anchor Katie Couric. IndieWire is a part of Penske Media Corporation. "Gender is not as black and white, or pink and blue, as I once believed. Although one's gender identity is an intensely personal subject, the individuals in this feature agreed to share their stories. Yes, we hear some sound bites from a few parents who express discomfort, and there is video from a school board meeting in Gloucester County when some parents expressed strong objections to the high schools initial accommodation of Grimm. Find answers to questions about products, access, use, setup, and administration. Girls wore pink, boys wore blue. Password must have at least 8 character(s). Get The Latest IndieWire Alerts And Newsletters Delivered Directly To Your Inbox. Back in 2014, Katie Couric got herself into a bit of trouble. 1145 17th Street NW She also chats with a tween trans girl who was suicidal before she socially transitioned and who is also participating in a study conducted by Kristina Olson, one of the most prominent researchers of trans youth. The strides the medical community has made in the last half decade or so are impressive, and there is an open-mindedness and willingness to learn, at least according to endocrinologist [hormone specialist] Dr. Joshua Safer, who works with gender patients at Boston Medical Center. (Whatever normal means.) Shealso visits places where social acceptance is growing. You can save searches, save documents, create alerts and more. With Gender Revolution, Katie Couric Explores a Fast-Changing Issue, will go before the U.S. Supreme Court next month. I really don't know by what basis the previous two reviewers were judging this excellent documentary, but I found it it excellent and educational. In this companion podcast, Katie and Brian dive deep with the Fords and two others . Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couricis a special two-hour documentary on the shifting landscape of gender. In 2016, transgender issues are altering the nature of day-to-day interactions. Gender Revolution premieres Monday night at 9/8c on the National Geographic Channel. What was striking was that when administrators asked questions, many had firsthand experience helping one or more transgender students in their schools, whether they came from a large or a small district. I learned why asking someone about their former self (dead-naming) can be so painful to those able to finally embrace their true selves. GLOUCESTER, VA - Gavin Grimm, a . Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. When we think of gender and other societal issues, we tend to think that the scientific and medical community would be at-odds with them, since theyre not something technically provable in a lab or controlled setting. It takes a collective understanding to really bring gender acceptance to the level of normalcy, so you could say its an evolution we all have to go through. 1996 - 2023 National Geographic Society. Katie Couric sets out to explore the rapidly evolving complexities of gender identity. National Geographic Society is a 501 (c)(3) organization. No other qualifier necessary. One of the many reasons I chose to pursue a career in journalism is because I like to take complex topics and deconstruct them, in hopes that they can be better understood. This functionality is provided solely for your convenience and is in no way intended to replace human translation. 2023 BuzzFeed, Inc. All rights reserved. Go to Alexander Street homepage, National Geographic Film & Television and World of Wonder, Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric. Perhaps she was emboldened by Coxs pardon six months later, when she reappeared onKatie to commendCouric for really being teachable. However, even from the opening lines of Gender Revolution, it seems that Courics blinkered perspective remains unchanged. How do college students at All This Article is related to: Television and tagged Katie Couric, National Geographic Channel, Reviews. Photo credit: National Geographic. It is precisely the opposite with gender and the advancements in gender studies. You need to install or update your flash player. It's Me, Margaret' to 'R.M.N. Katie Couric is an ideal guide There are multiple reasons why Couric is the perfect person to host . Brian, an adult intersex person, spoke about his experience as a young child and how his parents' decisions continue to affect his life today. Try logging in through your library or institution to get access to these tools. A short, humorous, sometimes-rhymy talk that dissects gender down into digestible pieces, and leaves you with a more complex understanding of something you thought you already knew (with a text transcript) by Sam Killermann Sam is able to create videos like this thanks to funding from 19 patrons. Sustainability Policy| Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric presented by Katie Couric, 1957-; produced by Emily Bina, fl. Broadcasting legend Katie Couric (former co-host of NBC's Today, CBS Evening News anchor and 60 Minutes correspondent) takes us on a unique journey to discover the dynamics and complexities of gender in our world. This transformation isnt just happening to the people in this documentary or the people who define themselves as outside the gender binary this is a worldwide phenomenon taking place all around us. I tried to put myself in the position of people who wanted to learn and understand these issues, and to ask the questions I thought people at home would be asking if they had the privilege and opportunity to meet some of the people you see here., WATCH BELOW: Katie Couric talks Gender Revolution. Please read our Commenting Policy first. In this clip from the beginning of the film, she talks with author Sam Killerman about some basic terminology like sexual orientation and gender identity: From there, Couric crisscrosses the country to explore intersex and transgender identities by talking to the people best equipped to talk about them: intersex and transgender people. Gender Revolution: A Journey With Katie Couric | Disney+ Katie Couric explores questions about gender identity with experts and everyday people. Instead of backing away from the issue, she decided to dive in headfirst to learn more about gender in America. Previously marginalized communities have come together to support and encourage one another, whether theyre composed of intersex individuals, transgender folks or people who identify as non-binary. Aerosmith 2023 farewell tour dates: Band says Peace Out, starting in Sept. PSAC and Treasury Board reach deal ending job action for 120,000 workers, Canadians are worried about shrinkflation and if its here to stay: poll, Body of missing 8-year-old girl found in Maskwacis, 3rd suspect charged, Wildfires prompt mandatory evacuations of Entwistle, Evansburg west of Edmonton, PSAC ends strike as union reaches tentative deal with Treasury Board, PSAC strike: No word on working from home for deal with feds, Weekly grocery bill has increased by over $100 say 1 in 5 Canadians: poll. The Fords are just one of the families featured in Katie's new documentary, Gender Revolution: A Journey With Katie Couric. National Geographic Headquarters Influencers: Profiles of a Partnership 2022, How to Pitch Stories and Articles to IndieWire, 8 Moms Doing Their Best With The Transgender Movement, Where to Watch This Week's New Movies, from 'Are You There God? That sexual orientation is a completely different ball of wax. Couric delivers lots of information, including on the biology of intersex children (those born with sexual anatomy that doesnt neatly fit male or female gender); gender-reassignment surgery, which one transgender surgeon calls gender-conforming surgery; the concept of deadnaming, which is about transgender people not even uttering their original names because they are a reminder of painful times; and the issue of gender pronouns, in which, for example, some transgender people prefer to be called they instead of he or she.. Couric credits Caitlyn Jenner for increasing the visibility of transgender people, but says it helps to meet a broader swath of thatpopulation. Join Katie Couric for a Facebook Live Aftershow Conversation with panelists from Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric. Photograph courtesy of National Geographic and Chris Wrobleski. Get the latest education news delivered to your inbox daily. This is going to save lives, she said. Star Katie Couric See production, box office & company info Add to Watchlist 10 User reviews 1 Critic review Awards 1 win Photos 7 Top cast Edit Katie Couric Self The translations are automatically generated "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" and are not retained in our systems. Gender and sexuality are fluid. Show/hide video player keyboard shortcuts, Toggle captions off, on, or cycle through the available tracks. In this documentary, Katie Couric explores America's changing gender terrain, including distinguishing between birth anatomy and gender identity. They were brave and generous, and greeted my curiosity and at times, ignorance with kindness and yes, patience. (Understandably, Couric does not get into the finer points of administrative law that surround Grimms case.). Restaurant owner and Chef Rolando Chamorro grates cheese National Geographic for Disney/Missy Bania, Gender Revolution A Journey with Katie Couric Trailer, Gender Revolution: A Journey With Katie Couric, Gender Revolution: A Journey With Katie Couric: site. Viewpoints are taken from parents of children with gender dysphoria, children with the condition as well as adults and teenagers with the condition. In fact, after the DC screening of the film, I told Sarah McBride of the Human Rights Campaign and the first trans speaker to address a national political convention, that I was at times embarrassed by my naivet and cluelessness during the film. In her new memoir, "Going There," Katie Couric writes about her career as a host of "Today and the first woman to anchor the "CBS Evening News" solo. Cant win em all!, READ MORE:Boys Dont Cry Protests: Why We Should Listen to Trans Activists Criticizing The Milestone Film Editorial. Couric also famously asked Orange Is the New Black star (and transgender woman) Laverne Cox about her genitalia back in 2014 in a televised . And they do it anyway, and they do it with their head held high.. terms to know Its all happening so fast, she says to one interviewee. (The request form is here.). Try and log in through your library or institution to see if they have access. When I saw Gavin Grimm, whose case is scheduled to go before the Supreme Court on March 28th, he told me he liked the film, but added, I wish you hadnt said I was born a girl. The person I was before making this film might have said, Dont be ridiculous! The person I have become understands how hurtful such a description can be. Gender Revolution TV Movie 2017 TV-PG 1h 35m IMDb RATING 6.0 /10 397 YOUR RATING Rate Documentary Katie Couric sets out to explore the rapidly evolving complexities of gender identity. Katie Couric sets out to explore the rapidly evolving complexities of gender identity. The historical rejection of people who aredifferent in that way has led to higher rates of suicide still evident today. To the 59-year-old longtime TV host, this has all happened so fast. As the parents of a transgender daughter, Vanessa and JR are at the epicenter of today's changing terrain when it comes to gender. Needless to say, I learned a lot. Couric acknowledges a backlash a natural ebb and flow ofsocial change" and that people can beafraid of what they dont understand. For more information onGender Revolution visit theNational Geographic Channel. Join the 30,000+ educators who have completed a National Geographic teacher training program. ", Katie Couric, Journalist and cancer advocate. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy testifies before the Senate Finance Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, on Feb. 8, 2022, on youth mental health care. That theres a huge generational gap in the way millennials and baby-boomers view gender. 2011-2017, National Geographic Film & Television and World of Wonder (District of Columbia: National Geographic, 2017), 1 hour 33 mins This is a sample. We want to hear from you. Though Couric was widely scrutinized for the inappropriate interview, she thankfully did not give up on her commitment to bringing more visibility and understanding to transgender people. You are also agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. From National Geographic Channel Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric is a special two-hour documentary on the shifting landscape of gender. By entering your email and clicking Sign Up, you're agreeing to let us send you customized marketing messages about us and our advertising partners. The film's release followed the January 2017 National Geographic magazine issue of the same name, which also focused on gender. Heres what you can expect from the engrossing, oftentimestouching Gender Revolution. CREDIT: National Geographic/Gender Revolution. When I hosted a daytime talk show ("Katie how original!) The documentary premiered at a screening in Washington, D.C. last week to a very appreciative audience. And at Yale, she meets cisgender, transgender, and other students at a university that recently adopted a policy of allowing graduates to use their gender-informed names on their diplomas instead of the names on their birth certificates. If you log in through your library or institution you might have access to this article in multiple languages. To disable the shortcuts, continue to tab until you leave the player. The e-mail address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or wish to receive certain news or notifications by e-mail. Newsroom| Gender and sexuality are fluid. Boys and girls were once clearly defined by clothing and activities. By way of accounting forher bewilderment, she says, Its all a lot to wrap your head around, you know?. Couric seems to have tapped into a genuine feeling, even if one of the Yale students, a transgender woman, pushes back a little on that, saying people have experienced gender identity issues for eons. Since then, Couric has grown immensely, and considers her mistake a highly teachable moment for those who dont know much about transgender people. She does, too. My efforts to provide a teachable moment for my audience failed miserably, and the backlash on social media was loud and harsh. Most trans women wake up every morning. She assured me that witnessing someones evolution is very helpful in promoting social change. Oz9H0u6J47XX1wSetG1OfA==:blKNGC7TM30R/pRUj9LFxVlIwPmlJNnoKG0dXsICOsY6elUNRjfSccnECDxHrf4gGWZXl+XNRYAoEI81YGEsTAlMAE5qzVa/EVzlpXalc2dskFtEeT4eolnnvVL1N5a8mhh6WvnfoZYzwJGA8rGu95rnCw4hMAIXi4CNAnJdSnuYmgVjmGz+fCszgPrhYvxFsSCTLG9eI1aIAzcCC31dmQoChc6ZZrCgWNNQ6QLVQQyuohuuQi1Y4wJcAPfk+Quql4ymk7Lbt8XFUkCDSaKi3wN9GlublM7cx2OYTiCy/NxVKsIqqJO1HFjhKupE7lCuD4iDJy5UqmCUr/xZwcNDCU/Molglh51FJYWkEgcRNnV+GEwe3bPuSdD06VMrvKTxQAzfNkWbYO2csUk8aid2+Q==. I certainly know a lot more having done this documentary.. Rather than keep you waiting, we have only translated the first few paragraphs. Looking for more documents like this one? Katie Couric explores questions about gender identity with experts and everyday people. PROQUEST AND ITS LICENSORS SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY WARRANTIES FOR AVAILABILITY, ACCURACY, TIMELINESS, COMPLETENESS, NON-INFRINGMENT, MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. What do you do when Description. After her interview with trans fashion model Carmen Carrera resulted in major backlash, Katie Couric realized she had a lot to learn about gender. I think if we can make it through these next four years, we might be able to see that. This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform. It is a fraught conversation, and we thought, if we put it out there, not just about transgender, but looking at gender in the broadest spectrum, and help people have that conversation, that maybe we could do something that is enlightening and educational, and thats what National Geographic is all about., READ MORE:A more tolerant country? On Monday night, the National Geographic Channel will premiere Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric. Most Canadians support transgender rights, poll suggests, The medical community, like the rest of society, was very binary up until quite recently, in terms of the thought process, and also gender identity was thought to be malleable, changeable. And its not just kids; Couric also meets some people who transitioned rather late in life. margaret sheridan measurements, virgo horoscope july 2021, coffee county mugshots,
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