Meanwhile, the southern border is wide open, as illegal migrants continue to cross in numbers never before seen and a record number of migrants die while attempting to cross the border. For more information see our. Somebody must be following RPF, because they are in the Rose Garden today. A federal law from the 1960sis behind the blurredpresidential and vice-presidential seals in videos from Biden and Harris' non-official social media accounts. Thus, the lack of the presidential seal at Wednesdays event was frankly rather fitting. As other independent fact-checking organizations have noted, those claims are wrong Biden is the president. Additional Lead Stories fact checks related to President Joe Biden can be found. Haven't seen Melania anywhere either, or Ivanka or Jared. Perhaps he sees recent court decisions deeming many of the voting laws (which led to many of the irregularities in 2020) to be unconstitutional, potentially hindering plans the left had been banking on to deliver them a victory. The image of DeSantis behind the seal quickly became fodder for fans of the politician. Despite . "Humm.Brandon is NOT President!! I wish you the best of luck in fighting tyranny through defeating the mole children who are cutting out cow buttholes in texas. Other baseless claims have suggested the White House is a movie set ( here, here, here). I have to believe the lack of a presidential seal was in fact done purposefully. Lead Stories contacted both the White House and the DNC to ask about the post's claims. A photograph shows U.S. President Donald Trump standing next to a manipulated version of the presidential seal. No, not shameless self-promotion. Copyright 2023 AMAC, Inc. / AMAC Senior Resources Network. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, July 16. Nevertheless, he says, "People took it for what it was. The first flag was created by the U.S. Navy in 1882 for President Chester A. Arthur. I would love to be able to move in and around the Whitehouse on a daily basis to hear the talk and jokes that are spoken about his behavior. Get the latest news delivered right to your email. Presidents are not required to speak with the seal, and it is not uncommon for them to appear without it when speaking in a "100% political capacity," according to CREW's communications director, Libowitz. A video by the Los Angeles Times from a wider angle corroborates this here timestamp 3:00). Presidents are not required to speak with the seal, and it is not uncommon for them to appear without it when speaking in a "100% political capacity," according to CREW's communications director, Libowitz. . He sets a grande example of what not to be like. Why was there no presidential seal on the presidential podium during press conf today? On Saturday, Acosta likened Trump to a "Karen" and a "mask-hating customer" and said . And I dont think this was edited bc it was uploaded to twitter by Bidens account. While painful to admit, it is hard to argue with AMACs assessment of the current state of the country. Make no mistake that the entire woke culture is to instill Communism in our country. The post quickly fueled a flurry of conspiracy theories on social media, with numerous Twitter users falsely claiming the blurred seal must mean Biden is not the legitimate U.S. president. The issue with this stance is that countless DEMOCRATS have contested election results in every election they have lost in the 21st century. See who is sharing it (it might even be your friends) and leave the link in the comments. "That's alright," he deadpanned. October 7, 2010 / 11:08 AM / CBS News. Something really bad could be waiting in the wings and the answer to the question of why so many young single illegal males have been allowed into the US may be about to be exposed. Spotted something? None of these allegations is true. Its generally standard for political parties to try and stay on the right side of the law, Libowitz said. Please copy/paste the following text to properly cite this article: The presidential seal or coat of arms is used as a symbol of the presidency. Got it. A one-off time or two, sure, but practically daily? According to U.S. Code 713, anyone who displays the presidential seal along with an advertisement, poster, circular, book, pamphlet, or other publication, public meeting, play, motion picture, telecast, or other production, or on any building, monument, or stationery, for the purpose of conveying, or in a manner reasonably calculated to convey, a false impression of sponsorship or approval by the Government of the United States or by any department, agency, or instrumentality thereof, can be subject to a fine or short-term imprisonment. The DNC has blurred the presidential seal in other recent Twitter posts, including in a video on Nov. 6 that Bidens personal Twitter account re-shared. But why quibble over that little detail. Dont be fooled the Trojan Horse has opened its gates! The president is returning to a freshly renovated White Houseand it includes an unusual display. 6 August 2019. A disgusting example of American Politics, The Presidential Seal should never be used by the idiot called Biden// As long as this sleaze ball speaks the Presidential Seal should never be on the podium because this guy needs the Micky Mouse seal because that is who he reminds me of////. The 46 numerals are set in Decimal, the Biden campaign's sans-serif typeface from Hoefler&Co. For information about our privacy practices, please visit our website. OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT-ELECT. This is part of APs effort to address widely shared misinformation, including work with outside companies and organizations to add factual context to misleading content that is circulating online. Modern Masters ethically serves small businesses in metaphysical, paranormal, healing, spirituality, homesteading, acupuncture and other related fields. March 13th 2020 was the last time we saw the presidential seal on the podium and the White House flag behind the president while he gave a press conference. I could very well see where they could attempt to characterize this as him speaking out as a private citizen and not that of a president that the seal would signify. The missing seal from Joe Bidens podium was noticeable, but fitting because America is missing its president, the article concluded. On Wednesday, President Joe Biden delivered yet another divisive and rhetorically dangerous speech against his political adversaries. If there was any doubt that Biden was authorized to upload videos of himself speaking from a podium with the presidential seal on it, his Twitter account has a helpful little label under his . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . The presidential seal is blurred because Joe Biden isn't really the president, a Twitter user wrote ( here ). Please select all the ways you would like to hear from Lead Stories LLC: You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. Originally Posted by devil21. Martiny drew upon the Hayes design, but added a few changes, including engraving the phrase "The Seal of the President of the United States" in a circular border. While having the same design as the presidential seal since 1945, the flag has a separate history, and the designs on the flag and seal have at different times influenced each other. The seal is not blurred in videos from the president and vice president's government-run accounts. THE FACTS: After Biden signed the $1 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law on Monday, the vice president posted about it on Twitter, sharing footage of the outdoor signing ceremony in a Tuesday tweet. The Great Seal "was the official symbol of the United States federal government, not the office of the presidency," says Matthew Costello, senior historian for the White House Historical Association and author of this article on the history of the presidential seal, in an email. Political News, By tpreitzel in forum U.S. Every man shall reap what he has sown, from the highest lord to the lowest gutter rat. While the absence of the presidential seal may at first seem insignificant, the Association of Mature American Citizens noted that "the missing seal is symbolic, as it represents the United States of America missing a true President." "The presidential seal is a symbol of American pride, prestige, and exceptionalism. We are committed to truth and accuracy in all of our journalism. The last time he was seen outside at all was the March 13 Rose Garden speech. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, March 23, 2018. See pics of Pres. Now, the president of the United States seems to be worried about copyright-infringing his own presidential seal. Let us know!. President Joe Biden signed a sweeping bipartisan package Nov. 15 that provides $1.2 trillion to improve nearly every facet of American infrastructure. See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays. As it's currently written, the law "would require an intent to mislead on the part of the president or vice president," according to Ken Paulson, director of theFree Speech Center at Middle Tennessee State University (and former editor in chief of USA TODAY). The seal plaque is made of 100% mahogany and is hand-carved and hand-painted in full detail following the design of the official seal. She was welcomed to use the Seal of the President of the United States, which many found objectionable. "Every time Biden runs on to the podium, or skips down the airplane steps, his aides' hearts are . In another such fascinating tale, the Richard Nixon administration first refused a request from a publisher to add the presidential seal on the book jacket but the president gifted his 24-year-old daughter Tricia a ring designed with the seal. In a November 4, 2022, email to Lead Stories, Libowitz commented about the post: When Biden spoke at the DNC's winter meeting in March 2022, he spoke at a podium with the presidential seal, as can be seen in photos here and here. He warned of the threat posed by Republican election deniers and said they may not be willing to blindly accept the results of the upcoming midterm elections. Technically, this particular office doesn't exist and was "created"/ first used by Barack Obama during his . A railroad locomotive painted to honor President George H.W. Obviously, Biden is the president, but over the past two years, Biden and his administration have done so much to wreck and divide the country that it has become nearly impossible to say that America has any true leader. 453. As can be seen in one of the photos in the post and in video footage of Biden's speech, the flags do have gold fringe, but, even if they did not, that does not signify anything about Biden's status. Podium speaker tribune with USA flags and sign of White Houise. The poodium with the U.S. Presidential Seal, before the start of the celebration of the Houston Astros World Series Championship, in the East Room of. That is something that would happen in politbureu. News, Politics, Culture, and more in realtime. Our fear of the Trojan Horse has been realized. Lead Stories is a U.S. based fact checking website that is always looking for the latest false, misleading, deceptive or Fox News reporter and host Howard Kurtz made some curious comments about Tucker Carlson that are raising a few eyebrows. That May Be Illegal. We will update this story, as appropriate, if we receive a response. Biden sounded afraid when giving this speech, but why? Makes me feel like Im not overly critical of the DemocRat Party. I guess I got caught up with the Gates/UN initiative and focused on that this week :-O. When hes not faced with technical glitches, Biden often glitches out himself, frequently forgetting what hes saying, fumbling awkwardly over words or weirdly whispering into the microphone. The companylater removed themand said the markers were given to one of Trump's golf courses by members. Since Biden has taken . Your email address will not be published. It also is attached to the podium from which the U.S. president gives speeches and appears on official White House stationery and invitations. As this article has outlined, Biden tends to speak outright lies and frame them as absolute truth. Displaying a likeness of the seal is prohibited only when the use will create that false impression of sponsorship or approval what courts in other contexts call confusion as to source.. He was awarded the presidency during the last election, why is he so concerned with it, if his claims of an attempt to overthrow democracy failed? Presidential seal missing Are we to interpret that as an omen? "Was that my, uh ," Obama said as he looked down at the fallen seal, feigning concern, to the crowd's laughter. presidential seal. Learn more about Mailchimp's privacy practices here. FEBRUARY 26 US PREPAREDNESS FOR Possible COVID-19 threat 11 Oval Office Coronavirus addresshttps://ww. Learn more about fact-checking at AP. The announcement wasn't a joke, though. Bi. Biden won the 2020 election and is the U.S. president., James Pirruccello (@jpirruccello) November 6, 2021, Why are we blurring out the Presidential Seal on the podium? But the Hayes eagle was thinner and scrawnier than today's robust-looking eagle, and its head was turned toward the bundle of arrows, rather than the olive branch. Willing to say un-truths that are fed to him along the yellow brick road? If you find yourself realizing that the accusations they place on groups other than themselves actually describe their actions, you are not crazy or imagining things. Because this is how you fuel conspiracy theories that President Biden isnt the real president. Bush is decorated with it. Jock Zonfrillo, a beloved host on the popular "MasterChef Australia" series passed away suddenly on the eve of a new season. Take Down Joe Biden For The Democrat Presidential Nomination In 2024? This thread is archived . Democrats had constitutional rights to object to those elections, just as Republicans had the same rights in 2020. He attested that an enraged mob was whipped up into a frenzy by a President contesting the results of an election, repeating the almost 2-year-old buzz term The Big Lie.. The president probably hasn't given this "issue" two seconds worth of thought. Now, it's gone and all that's on the podium is "The White House". Federal statute 18 U.S. Code 713 ( here ) regulates the usage of the presidential and other government seals, including its display. During his presidency, the network's reporters and anchors took an antagonistic approach to covering Trump. Official White House channels, such as the vice presidents official Twitter account, frequently post imagesand videos of the seal unobstructed. While Biden does hold the office and title of president of the United States, he has done next to nothing that would make him a true leader. On CBS's "The Late Show with David Letterman" last night, White House senior adviser David Axelrod explained what he thought had caused the presidential seal . The accompanying text implies that the lack of the U.S. presidential seal on Biden's podium and the presence of two wrinkled American flags not bearing gold fringe mean Biden isn't really the president -- a false claim that has persisted since the 2020 presidential election. Legend has it that the first presidential seal was drawn by President Millard Fillmore . A private citizen that enjoys the bully pulpit no less. Several videos posted to the personalTwitter accounts for Biden and Harris (@JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris)feature blurred seals. Biden's team uploaded a video to his Twitter account about infrastructure week, but many social media users noticed that the clip had blurred out the presidential seal on his podium. I am sure the leaders of the other countries we associate with wonder what in the hell has happened to America? They came up with the idea of adding a ring of stars to represent all the states, and having the eagle face the olive branches, rather than the arrows, to emphasize the desire for peace rather than war, as this video from the Obama Administration's archives explains. Dec 2007. Just a thought, but I have to wonder if it was possibly to give Biden an out, if the pushback for his demonization of almost half the US population became too extreme. Republicans do not demand this prior commitment from Democrats, because it is completely illogical. To update your story, the system is now computerized. The Trump Organization faced criticism in 2018 when replicas of the seal. Where is the presidential seal? By clicking below to subscribe, you acknowledge that your information will be transferred to Mailchimp for processing. It does not take a six year old to see that something is wrong with this guy. Of course, as wildly far-fetched as these theories may be, the consistent appearance of incompetence on the part of the Biden administration really doesnt help things much, not for the sake of internet forums or the appearance of our nations leadership on the world stage. Seal of the President of the United States symbol is seen on a podium before the remarks of the President of the United States Joe Biden at the Royal. The podium's lack of a presidential seal has no bearing on Biden's status as president. Harris personal Twitter account shared a video first posted by the Democratic National Committee, which blurred the seal to avoid conflicting with a federal statute that limits how individuals can use the seal, according to a DNC spokesperson. No Joke. Read our editorial standards. This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. The precise design of the presidential seal was detailed in Executive Order 9646, issued in October 1945 by President Harry S. Truman. I would imagine it's because he's addressing Congress IN Congress. ", Though the presidential seal's precise origins are unclear, it was clearly inspired by the Great Seal. Then I went back to Obama addressing the Zika virus, same no seal podium. April 29, 2023 5:28pm.
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